Don't Use These HORRIBLE BMW Wheel Locks

What should have been a relaxing day of swapping out my wheels and doing some winter prep turned into a nightmare when my BMW wheel lock and key broke. This is my second one this year. I tried removing it with the same method I used last time, hammering on a slightly smaller socket, but this time it just wouldn’t work. So off to the dealership it goes. I will never use this style of wheel lock again and I discourage anyone else from using them. The teeth on the key are too small and soft, making it too delicate and easy to strip.

17mm protective wheel socket:
BMW Center Caps:

Sony a6500:
Sony 16-50mm lens:
Sigma 16mm lens:
RØDE VideoMicro:
GoPro Session:
Suction cup mount:


LCI M Sport front bumper
Carbon fiber lip spoiler
Gloss black kidney grill
LUX Angel eyes
Window tint 35% sides, 20% rear (front windows not tinted)
VMR Wheels V801 frozen bronze
Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06
H&R Sport Lowering Springs
Bilstein B6 shocks and struts
Genuine BMW M Sport shifter
Akebono ceramic brake pads
2K Dash cam

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  1. Had the same problem… Had to bring them at a tire shop…They took out 3 of them with a stud extractor… So if these guys can get an extractor , so can the thieves..! Threw them all away… Junk.

  2. I feel your pain man. I've been trying to find a 10 spline × 17mm lugnut key/ socket for my wheels but no luck. It's been a major headache trying to find this "unique" socket.

  3. I just bought those locks literally a hour ago. I didn't get a chance to put them on and after watching this I certainly will not. That has got to be the most frustrating.

  4. Had loads of issues with them.. i eventually managed to find an imperial socket on it and get them out…i took to a dealer and they offered to take out the nuts for free but stripped 2
    Had to do it myself in the end.
    Mind you, got to have a vice , crowbar and hammer to re use the socket as the nut gets stuck in pretty tight.

  5. Like the Rial Salernos – I have exactly the same set for my winters – got them from Tire Rack. Same issue with the wheel lock nuts – should be made from forged steel – not the reconsituted cucumber they use

  6. had the same issue on my F25 last week. Told the wife : in 45min im done! le me : fck these nuts. Broke the key. At the end, it turn in a 3h job. I did manage to remove 3 of them like you did, hammering a socket on it. Then a need to get a bolt remover, luckily enough local shop remover were on sale 20$. Bought those lock nuts on ebay, already had issue with the seller not giving me the right key before my issue. Bought him the cheapest shit to give him a bad review. fck that. I was so pissed

  7. My problem is I don’t know my own strength, I snapped my wheel nut in half tightening to hard cost me 30 to get a blow torch on it and pliers 😂 🤦🏻‍♂️

  8. it's not the lock that is the's the rock salt they use on the road…even months after the snow is gone the salt is still on the roads and on your metal..spray some WD40 on all your lug nuts before winter and bleeder screws on your brake drums as well…

  9. Bruh bruh bruh😓😓 my key simply broke whist taking my wheels off to change my brakes 2 weeks ago!! Had to order a new one. I eventual decided to weld a breaker bar onto the locked nuts and took it off for good!! This is easily in my top 10 things I hate about BMW!!

  10. Hey, Justin, go to the BMW dealership and they usually carries a set of 30 different lug nuts locks. Let them try out and buy the one fit the best. I lost mine one time and the replacement one cost 15CAD here in Canada. After you removed the lug bolt, clean them out and apply anti seize compound. I actually like this design.

  11. I have 19s for the summer and 18s for the winter, and am about to do this exact same thing. Hopefully no issues! Taking the car to the dealership is an unfortunate and expensive end to a frustrating day.

  12. Cool vid. Have the exact BMW security lugs that going like yours. Will prob replace them next summer. Hey you ever consider making a video on cleaning out the fronts of the rocker panels. I pulled the wheel well liner in my wife’s old Vw golf and they were filled with leaves and mud retaining water. The lower part of that wheel well behind the front tires began to rust due to the moisture build up. I know e90’s have the leave guards under the hood to stop the leaves from dropping down in there but I know some get threw. It would be cool to see how I could do that on an e90.

  13. Well look at the bright side Justin, if somebody was stealing your wheels they wouldn't be able to get them. Also, imagine how boring life would be if everything was easy, hahaha. I've had the same problem and I ordered a wheel lock removal system from Amazon called Sunex 2840 that only really worked when I put a tiny piece of sandpaper around the lug and then hammered the socket looking lug remover on the lug and it worked perfectly. The feeling of relief when they start coming off is unbelievable. Good luck with that. Never over tighten these wheel locks ever and never give wheel locks over to the installer at the tire place because they will use the air wrench on them and totally ruin them. I'm just talking from experience. Also if you can find a metric lug wrench that looks like a cross with 4 different lug sockets on each end you should be using that to remove your lugs instead of the setup you have because the torque is more evenly distributed around the lug when removing a stubborn lug. If you can Hammer a standard socket unto what's left of the lug, try a Little piece of 600 grit or so sandpaper strip around it first and give it a go even if all you can do is cut a strip of sandpaper and place it over the head of the lug before the socket gets put on. Again, good luck man. Love your videos keep them coming.

  14. Had the same key, and it happened to me too. I know the struggle thats frustrating. I bought new locks, with bigger teeth, those are much better.

  15. Kinda confused, I’ve had two bmw’s e46 & e90. None of them have had these wheel locks. They have had lug bolts. Just wondering how come your car has these locks? Is that factory or you got them so people wouldn’t steal your wheels? Nonetheless, good luck!

  16. Bro, wait until your car is 10 years old with 150 k miles on it. You're not gonna believe the amount of work that goes in my 12 year old rusted e90.

  17. On my 2001 E46 the factory wheel lock is still in 90-80% shape. Just NEVER torque them, but the other 4 ! Only locking by hand, cca half the torque….but if you see, that yours worn out, just buy a new set of wheel locks.

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