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Dominic Cummings denies returning to Durham in doorstep interview

Boris Johnson’s chief aide Dominic Cummings said he did not travel to Durham a second time when he was asked by reporters on his doorstep, before going to Downing Street. Cummings has come under intense scrutiny following allegations he broke the government’s lockdown rules on several occasions after he and his wife contracted coronavirus
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  1. Everyone was told to bunker down IN PLACE if sick.
    People were told not to visit beauty spots, whether or not for fuzzy-eye driving tests or wife's day-out jollies.

    Cummings breached both and the PM says he acted with INTEGRITY. BoJo clearly has no understanding of what means INTEGRITY.

  2. I bet Dominic Cummings wasn't even ill he just wanted a couple of weeks off as the prime minister wasn't in an in hospital he thought he could do one the rat.

  3. It's alright! It's alright!
    Apparently he didn't stop, …ahhh! wait a minute, he did stop, only once – presumably on a Motorway – so his son, his wife and himself could to get out the car and his son could have a wee in the woods. But he didn't need to stop for fuel so I conclude he must have been driving a peddle car. However, he was suffering with dodgy eyesight and decided to drive (with dodgy eyesight and his wife, who was sick with the type of Covid 19 you can't contract obviously) 30 miles to Barnard Castle, then got out the car (with his wife again) stroll down carpark to look at the river – so he must have stopped again, unless he got out the car whilst it was still moving (?) – so he could test his eyesight out before returning to London so that he be could sure it was safe for him to drive, which, I think, is remarkably considerate and thoughtful of him considering the length and distance of the journey he was about to embark across the country, (in, presumably, a peddle car), because there was I thinking he was a complete and utter lying, dodgy, arsehole

  4. The small minded Brits love all of this. What with their " Can you believe it?" mentality and love for scandal and irrevelant news, they just lap it up. Millions get a further fix by reading The Mirror, The Sun and the Daily Mail which are among the worst newspapers in the world. Sensationalist comics.

  5. He travelled 260 miles to his parents then a 30 mile test drive and 260 mile back to London he never mentioned putting any fuel in his car he must have a very economic car to do 550 miles with his family and I would imagine luggage aswell on one tank of fuel

  6. Andrew Kinnock is an MP but after Cummings drove for childcare, he drove hundreds of miles just to see his parents, hope Sir Keir Starmer must have an inquiry in to Kinnock.  More pressing issues the country has to deal with and the Conservatives have risen to the occasion.

  7. This arrogant odious character shows no remorse whatsoever and is obviously happy to front it out to the nation til the storm passes. Boris Johnson has made a catastrophic error of judgement backing this slippery character and it may yet come back to bite him. He should have been dismissed on the spot , no excuses accepted. This guy has driven a coach and horses through the Govts lockdown policy

  8. Now the dreadful lefty British press has had their interview with Mr Cummings , perhaps they should now descend on Barnard Castle and demand to hear the views of the retired chemistry school teacher (who supposedly), reported the incident to the press ……….
    It would be most interesting to hear his political leanings AND what he was doing at the time he is supposed to have seen Mr Cummings – self isolating ?????"

  9. PM Boris, sack Cummings and then rehire him and the doctor that was made to resign for meeting his lover twice in his house, and ask police to pay back all penalty fines collected from those who broke the 2metres' distancing rule and those who went to the park or to visit their friends and families elsewhere. Then we start afresh with rules. This way you are fair to everybody and do not need to keep defending Cummings who was wrong. Ok?

  10. Sturgeon and the SNP have got some brass neck commenting/criticising Dominic Cummings.
    They seem to have forgotten about their own CMO, and remember Mr Derek McKay, child groomer and future party leader. He has gone to ground on full pay.
    Maybe get your own house in order first Nikla.

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