Divorced From Drama: The 10 Most Stress-Free Celebrity Divorces

Typically, celebrity divorces involve a nasty battle played out in the public eye through the tabloids, with every juicy detail leaked to inflict maximum damage on the other side. Ego, money and emotions are on the line, and they make for great public consumption. But it’s rare to hear about the couples whose divorces are stress-free — those who file for divorce, separate amicably and treat each other with respect while acting like adults. 

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Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley made it out alive, as did Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet. Even Bruce Willis and Demi Moore are friends. So what’s their secret?

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Take a look at the non-headline-making divorced couples, and learn the details of how they went right where so many others went so wrong. Here are the couples who navigated their separations while remaining respectful.

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