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Disappearing Psychologist?

Hi fellow Melbournians!

Please be gentle with me. I’m very new to this and deep in trauma response.

I need help/advice please from anyone who has gone through the therapy/psychology ringer.
I got a referral from my GP this week to a psychologist they had partnered with in the past and who came highly reccomended.

The issue is… I can’t find any info on her online. The clinic that she’s linked to doesn’t seem to exist and any number I find for her is incorrect/disconnected or wont call me back.

I’m an anxious researcher type person and I tend to fixate and I need to know exactly what I’m getting myself into.

So please, anyone who’s familiar with the name Nikki Alderman, help me find more info. I’d love a review if you’ve seen her and any contact info you have that might be up to date


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