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Deadbeat Dad: Track Palin’s Ex Claims Their Son ‘Does Not See Or Know’ Him

Track Palin’s baby mama is petitioning the Superior Court for the State of Alaska to change their son’s last name.

Court documents — filed on December 23 and obtained by — show Jordan Loewe, 27, petitioned the court to change her and Palin’s 3-year-old son’s name from Charlie Mitchell Palin to Charlie Mitchell Kramer.

“Charlie does not see or know his father,” Loewe claimed in the legal filing, noting, “Charlie and I live with my family members, whose last name is Kramer. Other than myself, this is the family raising Charlie and I believe Charlie deserves the last name of our family.”

According to Loewe, the boy’s current last name “has many negative affiliations” that “have already created problems” for the boy, who, she alleged, “does not see his father.”

Loewe also wrote that she and Palin, 30, had many previous domestic issues and now have no contact.

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