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Can I move home to Melbourne from Canberra?

Hi Melbies,

So much respect for you all for hanging in there over the past few months. Apologies for this simple question but I’ve been googling for hours and can’t find the answer!

I’m a Melburnian, I travelled up to Canberra in May for a six-month work contract, which is now ending and I want to come home to Melbs. Am I allowed to at the moment??

I’d be driving from Canberra; my car has Vic licence plates and I have a Vic licence. I don’t have a home address at the moment as I didn’t want to pay two lots of rent for six months so vacated my old place. I’ll be staying with my brother at first and would have no evidence of living at his address.

Is this going to fly?? I really don’t want to cop a $1600 fine! Thank you all!

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