Busting Out! The Greatest Celebrity Nip Slips Of All Times Exposed

Nip slips happen. They’re simply a part of celebrity culture at this point. They may not be planned (usually). They’re not always pretty. But the internet is flooded with tons of photos that immortalize some of Hollywood’s most famous celebrities in their least flattering moments; much to their chagrin, but to our enjoyment. Radar has collected the very best of your favorite celebrities’ most embarrassing nip slips and other unfortunate wardrobe mishaps.

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Long gone are the days when an actress could walk the streets without worrying if someone with a smart phone would take a pic of their naughty bits. Whether it be on the street or even on the red carpet, these actresses exposed a lot more of themselves than they intended. From Janet Jackson’s infamous wardrobe malfunction to celebs brazenly wearing sheer shirts—sans bras—à la Kim Kardashian, these are the greatest celebrity nip slips of all time.

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