Biggest MISTAKE ever…We BOUGHT and SOLD a rare Honda Blackbird

We bought a rare 2000 Honda CBXX Blackbird from a auction we recently went to. Even though the Blackbird had only 1600 miles on it, it had some goofy issues. Sean went to work trying to figure out why this bike, with so little miles, would not run. After replacing the spark plugs, gas, and fuel pump Sean wondered if buying this bike was a mistake. We already had someone put a deposit on the bike so we had to fix it! Check out this episode of Bikes and Beards to see what the problem is with the rare Honda Blackbird!

Want to see a video on a CBR600 with some mysterious issues?

What happens when you buy a bike from Honda Financial with a blown motor?

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  1. Just bought mine, it's my first bike with 21k miles on it. I bought it for $1,700. She runs beautiful just need new brake pads and caliper rebuild kit. Everything was Original.

  2. I had hoped to see some more detail on getting to and changing the spark plugs. I need to change mine on my 6,000 mile '05 Blackbird

  3. I got one also and I love it, not selling !!! Stays in my garage, take good care of her and she'll never fail you, mine's got over 60k miles and still running like new. I only replaced two oem components, the CCT cam chain tensioner and a FPR fuel pressure regulator that's it. I put some upgrades one the Blackbird with some goodies, dyno test showed 185bhp, my settings are:
    HyperPro street suspension kit + steering damper
    Brembo discs rotors + ceramic pads
    Dynojet Powercommander III
    K&N air and oil filters
    Akrapovic carbon slip-on cans
    Denso racing spark plugs
    GoodRidge steel brake lines

  4. Does anyone know if theres a sport limited version 1-10 build on 2000 us or canadian spec? My dad had (now i have it locked in my house as i have a busa 13 and a cbr 07 for daily commute rides)
    The bird is gun metal grey and its a tank sticker b2000 1-10 sport limited edition honda cbrXX. Beautiful bird bone stock and much faster stock than any other bird ive ridden. It has 17k miles and i think is time to start taking the bird for rides again.

  5. The only way your going to make any money at this , is to learn to fix these problems on your own. It's also wise to check the market on any bike before you list it.
    And have it ready to go before you list it. These are three fundamental rules that you broke and your still in business?

  6. I forget how many miles you said it had on it but the plugs probably are not bad. It probably has some plugging up of the fuel system with some seafoam in it let it set overnight. You should have had it running before you put it up for sale. If the plugs will produce spark they will clear themselves. The bike only has 1600 miles on it so what if it had a little bit of bad fuel run Through It as long as it was running the last time it shut off it'll still fire. But now that you've had fresh fuel sitting in the fuel system for a while it may go ahead and start.

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