Beware of Gift Card Scammers

News 8’s Noelle Gardner reports.




  1. It’s probably the store managers and night employees or manufacturers of the card. Who else has the time and balls to peel a card back off, grab your camera; stand there focusing it and everyone hears the fake shutter and sees the flash. Yeah right.

    This makes as much sense as the gas pump readers when the damn pump has to be opened up to remove the wires. Ummm😳 I’ve yet to see a dude pumping his gas with a screw driver in hand.
    If these devices are installed then it’s the damn station manager or the people installing the pumps.

    All this crap is just to create suspicion and anxiety in the public. A constant fear of being F’d use to be called a mental disorder.

  2. I don’t normally do this but the vendor proved himself and i was happy. He’s a legit and reliable vendor. He sold for me sometimes ago and it worked well… HMU for details

  3. I work for a gift card processor, and I see the hackers trying to get into our system all day and night. Fishing for numbers and pin codes using bots. And if they happen to get thru and find numbers with balances, they sell them on the dark web, or print gift cards themselves on their own printers that look identical to the real ones, and then use or sell those.

  4. One day I went yo Wal-Mart to buy a Google play gift card, when i was there i saw a 7 year-old Girl grabbing and putting a gift card of Roblox in her backpack, then i follow the girl quietly and then i said to her mom that her daughter steal a gift card, the mom grab her backpack and the girl was crying and then the mom punish her, and the mom gave me money to buy the gift card by warning her lol.

  5. Im just scared that everytime i buy a ps4 gift card and is activated, some random person is going to put a random code in, and its going to be the exact code that my gift card has.

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