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BEST of willem powerfish part #1

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Raw footage of willem powerfish in action. Best at being a fishing pest , talking and disturbing the locals , also him asking for where the all men are, because he loves himself a good man. He became world known for catching the 3 meter flathead. Willem is the world record holder for catching the 3 meter flatty.

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Watch video Part #2 here



  1. Your a f*kn legend mate. About time people realised how f*kn uptight all these dogs are. Relax f*k ya's have some fun and get a f*kn flatty up ya.
    Dont stop doin this bro. I laugh every f*kn day at ya.

  2. Absolutely awesome
    Your videos are getting better don't get me wrong they have always been funny as fuck
    You just keep doing you bud
    The loyal people who watch ya vids will like any content that you post if they don't fuck em
    Hope to meet ya one day out
    Reckon you would be an absolute crack up

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