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Arrest, Rehab & Broken Marriages! Luann De Lesseps’ Most Explosive Scandals Exposed

After appearing in a West Palm Beach, Florida courtroom for a probation violation hearing on Thursday, May 23, Luann de Lesseps is returning to jail, has confirmed from court officials.

The troubled Real Housewives of New York star is facing fallout from her shocking Christmas Eve 2017 arrest that involved drunkenly assaulting a police officer.

Luann went to rehab and was ordered to refrain from alcohol as part of her 12-month probation period and plea deal stemming from the arrest.

But recently, according to a document from the Florida Department of Corrections, Luann received a warning from her probation officer that said she did not prove that she has been attending two alcoholism recovery meetings each week. She had also allegedly failed to submit to random sobriety tests.

Cabaret singer Lesseps allegedly admitted to her New York probation officer that she drank “two glasses of mimosas after a performance she had in Chicago.”

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