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Aged care advice northern suburbs

Looking for advice or recommendations for aged care facilities in the northern suburbs, especially in the Glenroy, Pascoe Vale, Coburg area.

My elderly FIL has become too much for my also elderly MIL and my partner to manage, and the time has come to investigate aged care options. The websites all paint rosy pictures but we would like to hear about any experiences people have had that they can share.

Without giving up too much of his personal details, he has been in ill health for quite some time and his condition will not improve. He has great difficulty with walking, toileting himself and there is definitely a dementia component. We are most likely looking at palliative and/or end of life care but are awaiting further medical assessment.

My FIL is highly resistant to being put in a nursing home and currently is in hospital (he can’t remember why he is there and is quite angry and upset about it). He has been very hostile to my MIL on the subject and she is exhausted and stressed out. He’s likely to attempt to “do a runner” (which he did from a rehabilitation place he was put in after a recent hospitalization. My MIL was on her way to visit him and found him out in the street! They didn’t even know he’d gone! He was determined to come home but couldn’t remember the way). He has a history of basically bullying and manipulating her into discharging him from hospital, which she eventually does out of simply being worn down. But his needs are such that we unfortunately can’t manage him anymore.

Any anecdotes and advice would be gratefully appreciated.

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