2018 Thor Siesta 24SS For Sale

2018 Thor Siesta 24SS Sprinter For Sale

Nationwide Lowest Prices !

2018 Thor Citation 24SS For Sale




  1. Hello. John.. I want to buy 1 this. Can you make this motor home with Spinter Gasoline Engine?
    Cos I really plan to buy in this year. But our country only can import gasoline engine model.
    I am serious. I hope you reply soon.

  2. One look at the driver/passenger seats and I noticed they had zero added padding prior to re-covering. The "boosters" are what should have been incorporated UNDER the upholstery. Long drives need nice comfy seats! What's with the 1970's style cabinet doors. They make the interior look heavy, dowdy and like your grandmother's kitchen. Only plus to them is they aren't laminate. Stablizers=plus,,,,,,lack of fog lights=minus ( and plain cheap to not to include). Video should show what this coach is like with the slideouts in. Come on and modernize the look. Offer better wood stains,upholstery colors and get rid of the added swoops and swirls on the outside paint job. The only excuse for this new RV is if it was being sold as the "nostalgia edition".

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