2018 Pleasure-Way Plateau XLMB Tour

Learn more about the 2018 Plateau XLMB including MSRP:

The Plateau XLMB features a unique mid-coach walk-around Murphy Bed that conveniently folds up into the wall when not in use. With the bed up, the Ultraleather® covered sofa-daybed provides for a comfortable lounge and dining area.

One key feature of the XLMB is the bathroom, which is located across the complete rear of the coach. The full separate Corian® lined shower, dressing area, vanity and commode might be expected in a luxurious apartment, but is a very pleasant surprise when found in a 22 foot motorhome.

*Due to our policy of continuous improvement, Pleasure-Way reserves the right to make product changes at any time without incurring obligations. Van Chassis standard options may also change without incurring any obligation.




  1. Finally RV's are keeping computer and work space in mind. Even when computers were not popular I always felt using the kitchen table annoying for say paper work. I always used RV's as mobile offices more than vacation purposes… and I assume a lot of other people do… a usable desk even if its small is appreciated.

  2. This video was so comprehensive, and absolutely essential for serious shoppers. We, are so looking forward to the new model year video. The XLMB has beat out all others that we've looked at so far.

  3. Looking for someone to give me a tiny motohome for a 60 year old woman who wants to travel the u.s.a and do a blog for your company and the draw for customers to buy your vans would be focusing on any woman can drive them it's a huge industry single woman traveling in conversion vans or tiny motor homes if interested it's great advertising for you.Its a continual commercial for your vans.

  4. This RV is well laid out and has all the systems a couple would need for travel. Only one major problem. The 2018 Dodge Ram was voted the least reliable vehicle by at least one site. Will probably be a deal breaker for me.

  5. I want to use foam to make a camper shell streamline camper shell cake bring down weight and I'm going to use the you know the screen and the gripper and all that but the toothpicks in the the sheetrock screws makes a lot of sense cuz it got real long one so you could actually go in a diagonal and really get a lot of contact surface there plus I guess you could glue it too…right

  6. You two rock!

    I'm building my own full sized, walk in travel trailer and you two add boost to finishing the project.

    Can you hear Willy in the background singing "On the road again"?

  7. Sharp van I had a 84 and I wish to God I kept it. You did a great job I couldn't have done any better myself if I tried. I probably couldn't even done it myself

  8. I’m impressed with all the updates! I have 2011 Pleasure-Way and simply love it! Thank you for making a quality Motor Coach.
    I will always be a customer. I will get a Murphy Bed version next.
    Faye aka: MommaFaye

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